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People count in a city?

This is a discussion on People count in a city? within the MapPoint Desktop Discussion forums, part of the Map Forums category; Hi all, I have a list of people and their home cities & zip codes. I want to prepare a ...

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    Question People count in a city?

    Hi all,
    I have a list of people and their home cities & zip codes. I want to prepare a map showing the number of people from my list that live in each city, not each zip code.

    DOES THIS SOUND RIGHT? --- I think I would need a master list of zip codes for all USA and group the zip codes for each city, come up with some sort of translation table so that when I put my data into MapPoint it simply displays a number over each city. Maybe just use one zip code for each city???

    i.e. if I have 29 people living in zip codes that are all contained in one city, then I want to see a map of that city with a single "pin" and the number of people within that city's pin.

    Fred Flintstone Berkeley 94702
    John Smith Berkeley 94702
    Peter PumpkinEater Berkeley 94702
    Zippy TheClown Berkeley 94702
    Jason Mask Berkeley 94703
    Dog AndPony Berkeley 94703
    Harry Carry Berkeley 94703
    Mary Contrary Berkeley 94703
    Dilbert Johnson Berkeley 94704
    Mike Rophone Berkeley 94704
    Honk UrHorn Berkeley 94704
    Cubicle Walls Berkeley 94705
    Blue Angels Berkeley 94705
    Jason Flintstone Berkeley 94705
    Dog Smith Berkeley 94705
    Harry PumpkinEater Berkeley 94707
    Mary TheClown Berkeley 94707
    Fred Mask Berkeley 94707
    John AndPony Berkeley 94707
    Peter Carry Berkeley 94707
    Zippy Contrary Berkeley 94707
    Jason Johnson Berkeley 94707
    Dog Rophone Berkeley 94708
    Harry UrHorn Berkeley 94708
    Mary Walls Berkeley 94708
    Dilbert Angels Berkeley 94708
    Mike TheClown Berkeley 94709
    Honk Mask Berkeley 94710
    Cubicle AndPony Berkeley 94710

    So, I would see BERKELY with one pin or marker on it with a small box saying "29".

    Anyone done this already? Ideas on how best to do it???


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    Use Excel or Access

    Quick and easy way is to use Excel to create a cross tab with Count records by City as the result - then use MapPoint to map your summarized data.

    If you can use Access it is easier with a group by and count query then Map off the created query result.


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