I have a large database in SQL 2000 and have defined a view representing the dataset I would like shown on the map.

Using a linked table (pointing to the SQL View) in MS Access, the data loads into the map in about 1 min 40 sec

Using a UDL with Provider=SQLOLEDB.1 load time was about 2 min 50 sec

Using a UDL with Provider=MSDASQL.1 load time was about 3 min 30 sec

I ran multiple tests in varying order to rule out caching on the server. Given the number of tests I ran, I'd be surprised if other network traffic had anything to do with it. The SQL server was idle other than for my requests.

Has anyone else seen this type of performance difference? Any suggestions to enhance the UDLs performance?

kirk dot dybvik at us dot benfieldgroup dot com