Hi, I'm new to MapPoint, have played around in it to know I like it but not sure how to make it do what I need. I'm creating a state map for which I imported data from Excel, that was by county, it is data to show our company's Market Share in each county. My boss wants a visual representation of what counties we need to focus on (not as much Market Share). So I get the shaded counties based on my data, and when I hover over a county I can see the actual figure (pulled from Excel) - - can I have that number show on each county so that not only do you see the color shaded but the number associated with it?

Better yet, if I have ANOTHER column of data by county which shows AVAILABLE business in that county, can I have THAT number show in each county, while the county is shaded to reflect how much/how little Market Share we have in each county (based on a different column of data)? That way you can see, this county is very light so we need to focus there, & you can see the amount of business AVAILABLE so you know right where to focus? I really hope this is possible & someone knows how. Sorry this is so long but I'm desperate to figure this out. Thanks for any help. -Mary