I wrote this function with Visual Basic 2003 .Net and MapPoint ActiveX;
If I use lat 45.55811, long 11.545 it doesn't work ("m_oRoute.Calculate()" function freeze), all other coords works fine... could it be a MPoint bug?
Can you test this one and tell me if it works?
(MPControl is the name of activex object used in a form).


Private Sub pbCalcola_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArgs) Handles pbCalculate.Click
Dim m_oMap As MapPoint.Map
Dim m_oApplication As MapPoint.Application
Dim m_oRoute As MapPoint.Route
Dim m_oLocation As MapPoint.Location
m_oMap = MPControl.NewMap(2)
m_oApplication = m_oMap.Application
MPControl.Units = MapPoint.GeoUnits.geoKm
m_oRoute = m_oMap.ActiveRoute
m_oLocation = m_oMap.GetLocation(45.93411, 9.93089, 100)
m_oRoute.Waypoints.Add(m_oLocation, "start")
' Coords works
'm_oLocation = m_oMap.GetLocation(45.55811, 11.544, 100)
' Coords doesn't works
m_oLocation = m_oMap.GetLocation(45.55811, 11.545, 100)
m_oRoute.Waypoints.Add(m_oLocation, "stop")
End Sub