I work for a service company and am trying to plot data based upon two layers. Here is what I have done so far. I am using MP 2004. I broke the country into our 11 territories which is run by a Regional Mgr. Within each territory are our customers stores. Each Reg Mgr is responsible for anywhere from 30 - 100 stores. Each Reg Mgr has from 8 to 21 people working for him called a field rep. Each field rep is assigned a certain number of stores ranging from 3 to 7. I want to plot which stores belong to which service rep by using a number pushpin to represent each service rep. Example service rep #10 has 8 stores he is responsible for and works in the southwest region. I want to plot his stores with his number ( 10). But I also want to plot the other 19 service reps with their number on their stores within that region. I think I can do this for up to 8 reps due to setting a range on the data import from Excel, but then what? Do it again for the next set of 8 reps. Any one have any ideas.