Hi! I m deveoping web based application for GPS system, i m working for Stolen Vehicle Recovery System .
problem : we r making web application which will show customers Vehicle position on Map with PushPin. so i want to show that location according to my latitude n longitude for that i use this link in my code
A href=http://mappoint.msn.com/(afa45yvikjz1o455ljtzxx3v)/map.aspx?L=WLD&C=" & rs("m_lat")&"%2c "& rs("m_lon") & "&A=286.66667&P=|45DA|
with the help of this link i can get Location on map.but no idea that where my exact location is,so interested to use PUSHPIN service for that.but i cannot get any help abt that how i can use this in my webapplication to show exact location on MapPoint according to my Lat or Long
plzzzz help me, tell e how i can do this
i m deveoping web application in ASP+SQLserver2000+HTML+WIn2000 envionment