I’m working with the Microsoft MapPoint 2002 and a Garmin eMap GPS connected to my Notebook and I can track my self with no problems.
Lately I tried to connect my iPAQ 3850 (PPC2002) to my GPS using a serial cable and tried locate my self on the Pocket Streets 2002 (Release 1 (09.05) (08.0902)).
I already download the GPS add-on form the Microsoft web site, but the Pocket Streets fail to connect to the GPS. I’m keep getting all the time the message: “The communications (COM) ports is available, but no signal is being received…”
:( This message is weird as I did successfully connected to the GPS using several other PPC GPS aware software as GPS IDEAS™ PRO 1.2 and hand map.

Any idea how I can make my Pocket Streets work with my GPS?

Gil-ad giladarad@hotmail.com