Have you ever wished there was some way of knowing, in advance of visiting a place, that it was unfriendly to RV’s?* Wish no more!* The free POI Megafile has over 3000 of these locations identified in 5 geographically divided collections.

This collection comes from all the submissions provided to http://rvunfriendly.com and* Movin’ Sue who is not affiliated with rvunfriendly.com but has worked to get the database available for consumption in S&T and other GPS software.** Sue has written about this collection saying:

“RV unfriendly” can mean many things, from parking lots too small with difficult access to outright hostility by local officials who issue heavy fines to out-of-town visitors for parking violations.* This database includes all types of “RV unfriendliness” without qualification.

The author has been reading and thinking about the RV parking issue for a long time prior to deciding on a conceptual format for disseminating actionable information to other RV’ers.** After much thought and discussion with others interested in this issue, the POI’s and GPS format were selected.* This database is a compilation of previously-published information from the internet which gather “unfriendliness” data from volunteer traveller reports.* Physical location addresses from campgrounds, cities and Walmart have been converted to GPS coordinates so that RV Unfriendly places can be visualized along a proposed route.

In addition to traveller reports, it includes campgrounds that are members of the National Association of RV Campgrounds (ARVC).* One of the stated missions of ARVC is to influence legislators to institute and/or enforce parking bans in public places where RV’s are otherwise welcome.* ARVC actively urges and assists members to pressure their towns to prohibit parking at public places so that RV’ers have no choice but to stay at a nearby FHU campground.* Such parking bans extend to temporary streetside parking in some cities and towns.* Not only has this has resulted in the denial of the right of private property owners to determine who shall have the use and enjoyment of their property but it has eroded our basic freedom to choose!

ARVC campgrounds are all potentially RV unfriendly by virtue of their commercial association with a national organization which promulgates anti-parking legislation and enforcement.* Though not all ARVC-member campgrounds agree or actively participate in such political lobbying efforts, it is not possible to make such fine philosophical distinctions in a database such as this one.* In general, this database is overrepresented by KOA campgrounds, the Jellystone Park chain, private membership chains owned/managed by Equity Lifestyle Properties and private campgrounds located in densely-populated tourist areas and near popular Federal parks.

RV’ers, by virtue of their mobility can ‘stop or not’ in Any Town,USA.* This mobility, coupled with the discretionary income enjoyed by many RV’ers, can have significant economic impact on local tourist revenues.* Blend mobility and money with plenty of leisure time to voice an opinion and RV’ers can affect outcomes!* Examples of individual RV’er political action with positive outcomes include Billings MT, Clark County NV and Prince George B.C.

You are MOBILE, so when trip planning, you can decide to reroute, extend or shorten your route to avoid areas reported to be unfriendly to RV’s.

You are MONEYED and can decide if and how much of your travelling dollars to spend in a town reported to be unfriendly to RV’s.

And, if you are MAD, (as I am), you can have a voice and “push back” against those who would take your choices away!** Will you take a few minutes to send an email…make a phone call…submit a report!

PLEASE–send your road reports and “rvunfriendly” encounters and experiences to rvunfriendly.com!

(PS*Movin’ Sue*is *not affiliated with rvunfriendly.com but have contacted the website owner who welcomes reports from other RV owners for future inclusion in this GPS database)