I will have some of my own business data to upload to mappoint web service and was wondering, can I utilize the POI data within Mappoint web services and export it into the database so I can use it in reports as well as add mapping to it or would I have to purchse the same data for the database? If not, can I at least have it viewable in a table format or similar on the webpage? Maybe the customer chooses a checkbox for collages in "X" miles from an address. If the POI data contains this, can the map updata with all the schools and also list the data in a report? If I have additional data regarding the schools, can the data meld with the POI data either in the map or on the webpage report?

Also, as I prepare to ask a contractor to build the site for me, are there any database formats which are better to utilize with the service? PHP, API, SQL, etc? Thank you for your time...