Baltimore, MD, December 4, Global Imaging Technologies (GIT) announces an exciting initiative to make digital mapping cameras available worldwide. In most cases, an operator can now acquire a sensor, delivered, installed, and ready to go for less than $45,000, plus shipping and insurance. As part of the plan, the data collected from these systems will be processed by Global Imaging to a RAW state for a cost of $.50 (USD) per frame or about $10 per square Km at 13cm GSD. The company’s aim is to bring this technology to companies which have been largely shut out of the digital revolution in remote sensing. "Why not empower the many surveyors who cannot afford to acquire a digital sensor?" asks Ryan Johnson, President of Global Imaging Technologies.

Mr Johnson also points out, "The digital revolution in remote sensing is being held back by the costs to acquire quality instrumentation. We will do our part to move the state of the art forward by taking away the barriers that stagnate progress."

Global Imaging Technologies is based in Hunt Valley, Maryland. They are a developer of state-of-the-art imaging systems and a geo-spatial acquisition provider. Global Imaging Technologies sells its products under the GIT brand. To find out how to get a sensor call Peter Schwarzer ( at 410-753-2801, or visit