I'm currently evaluating a Trial version of MapPoint 2002 for use with a GPS system and routing program. In attempting to print out a turn by turn or Direction map of a chosen route, my HP LaserJet 4 printer will print the overview page only and then have memory overflow error. My HP manual suggests that I have a memory shortage problem, but my computer consultant doesn't have any problem using HP or even Apple printers of similar vintage with equivalent memory.

I've also read in the newsgroups that there is a known issue with MapPoint being unable to print driving directions and turn by turn maps in the Landscape format. Other articles have suggested that the problem lies with the Trial version of the software itself and that installing the full version corrects the problem.

Can anyone give me any idea of where my problem most likely lies?

How many MB of memory should my printer need to print out a map route with 10 to 20 pages of maps for 100 plus locations?

Am I limited to printing in Portrait format only?

Your assistance is appreciated.