When I try to datalink (or import) in the mappoint 2004
wizard, i have unusual error.

I am using UDL to my system DSN.

Then, I am picking the table I want to import (all tables
show up, like they should) from my Oracle 8i database.

After that, I pick the data types from each column.
However, on this page the data "sample" of 10 records,
just lists the first record repeated 10 times.

However when I go to next page, where I choose a unique,
the data "sample" of 10 records correctly displays the
first 10 records in my table.

But then when I click finish, only the 1st record is
mapped. The wizard shows that it is "matching" all 64 of
my records (which is the correct rowcount), but only 1 is
actually mapped.

Any help is much appreciated!

Best regards