I've made a VB6 application based on a Access database and
the MP2K ActiveX.

I need to put pushpins in France.

The frensh cutting is the following. Cities are into
administratives units calles departments. Those
departements are integrated into regions (like states
in US). Each city has got a ZIP CODE which is
composes with the 2 digits of the departement
followed by 3 others. By exemple, PARIS is 75000,
DIJON is 21000, RENNE is 35300.

Theire is a known bug into mapPoint, which is the
followin : when I try to add a pushpin to Château-
Chinon (58120), the pushpin is located about 6 km
NW of the city ! When I add the pushpin with only
58, Chateau-chinon, the pushpin is centered on the

My problem is the following... I can't success to get
the XY coordonates with only departements numbers
and city ("58, CHATEAU-CHINON") with the CalcPos
function found on this site !

Can someone help me to found the bug (if big it is).


Vincent BENNER