I'm having a problem upgrading an application written in MapPoint 2002
to 2004 version. This application builds territories by census tract,
and unlike 2002, MapPoint 2004 doesn't seem to match census tracts
properly when the rightmost digit is a zero (such as "232.10"). I've manually imported the csv and it has the same issue with the same tract. I've tried many different ways if formatting the data (quoted, Excel, Access, etc.) and the same tracts refuse to match, even though the data is correct. If I manually import the csv via the territory wizard, I'm presented with a dialog to manually match the unmatched tracts. Where it says "Your record", for example it will show "232.1" rather than "232.10" as it actually is in the csv file. The first record on the list to match to will list "232.10". MapPoint is reformatting the data (dropping the trailing zero) and I'm unable to match.

This application has been working flawlessly with Mappoint 2002 for about 2 years with no problems. Looks like a huge bug in Mapppoint (or possibly MDAC). Any hints at a workaround?