Currently, I manually upload my data to the MapPoint web service. Manually isn't the right word, given the tiny amount of work it takes me...but you get the idea. I use the CSS site to upload my data.

To get a palatable flavor of XML for MapPoint to accept, I use (as MS recommends) Access 2003 to export my data to XML (with the schema embedded). Works great.

Now, I want to programmatically upload this data. My question is, how can I programmatically get my XML in a shape that MapPoint will like?

The classes that I have representing my user's collection of datapoints will
serialize themselves, but in very simple XML format:




Note that the XML schema is not embedded, as in the output from Access 2003. The XML above is night-and-day different from what you'll see in that Access-output XML, which looks more like this:

unique="yes" clustered="no"/>

od:sqlSType="int" type="xsd:int"/>
od:sqlSType="float" type="xsd:double"/>
od:sqlSType="float" type="xsd:double"/>

My question is, how can I programmatically get my class objects into a
format that the MapPoint web service will find palatable?

For instance, I could write the properties of my class objects into an ADO.NET DataTable and then serialize that DataTable to XML. That XML would be in the form of an XML DiffGram. But would MapPoint accept that?

Please let me know if my question isn't clear.

And thanks!