We sell and program an MIS System
For the selection of a customer cursor (with one or many customers in a region) we like to use Mappoint

Due to too much work we like to source the project out and ask someone to program 1 APP
That should do the following things.

Show a map point Map in a window
Allow to manipulate the map with the following functions
Find a location
Remove or add Pins or landmarks
Import customers from a Tabel/Viev or XLS File to generate the customer pins
The format of the source data is
Customer number
Street Housenumber
Turover this year
Turnover last year
1.Start the function “Customer near by” and enter the distance in KM
Get a resultset of customers that are in this Radius (Funkion: Findnearby)and move this resultset into a VFP cursor for further use in the MIS software. (Name of resultcursor is always the same)
2. If you are sitting on one customer pin make a cursor with this one address for further use.

We Like to get from you:
An Idea about the price
The app time you will need (Date when it could be ready).
We will give you an exact definition of all field names and variables that have to be taken into account
We will pay as we see the app running
We do have lots of basic clases that we will supply an visal samples an the basic APP structure as files.
We can borrow you the Mappoint 2000 software if you don’t have it

Please contact dirk Bachmann at DS-Consulting@t-online.de. You can see screenshots of the system under www.DS-Consulting.net