PROMT Expert 19 Final + PROMT 19 Dictionary Collection

PROMT Expert 19 Final + PROMT 19 Dictionary Collection | 1.1 GB

PROMT Expert 19 - A corporate solution created specifically for a translation agency or a translation department of a company. The program is installed on a computer, laptop or tablet for Windows, has maximum options for customization and allows you to translate documents and large amounts of text.

PROMT Expert 19 is recommended:
� to support projects for the translation of technical documentation, contracts and other model documents;
� to work with corporate databases of Translation Memory (TM), dictionaries and glossaries;
� for regular translations of texts of similar subjects with high quality;
� for effective work with terminology (automatic selection of terms from the text and use of previously created dictionaries and glossaries);
� to increase the efficiency of the translation process within the bureau or the translation department.
The result is an acceleration of the translation process.

System requirements:
Minimum system requirements
� PC-compatible computer with x86 or x64 processor with 1 GHz or higher;
� at least 2 GB of RAM;
� hard disk space for full installation -3 GB;
� operating system:
- Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1;
- Microsoft Windows 8;
- Microsoft Windows 8.1;
- Microsoft Windows 10;
� .NET Framework 4.5 (automatically installed).
Embedding translation functions in the following external applications is supported:
� Microsoft Office 2003-2019 (only 32-bit versions);
� Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 9-11 (only 32-bit versions); *
It is also possible to support future versions of these applications, subject to minor changes in their software model.
* - To use the plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer on 64-bit systems, you need to run a 32-bit version of Internet Explorer, which on x64 systems is usually in the folder
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Internet Explorer.
Recommended system requirements
Recommended requirements compared to the minimum:
� PC-compatible computer with a Core i3 processor similar or older with a clock speed of 2.0 GHz or higher;
� 4 GB RAM or higher.