I have the following set of data in a tab-separated TXT file:

46038 North Zone
46032 North Zone
46027 North Zone
46013 South Zone
46018 South Zone
46019 South Zone
46020 South Zone

I import this data successfully into Mappoint using ImportTerritories method. Immediately after importing the data, I do a query on the Mappoint control using QueryAllRecords method. The method returns 7 records and I am able to access each record successfully.

After this I add a zipcode to territory North Zone using TERRITORY MANAGER. Immediately after this I again query the dataset. Now, the recordset returned is EMPTY! (EOF and BOF are TRUE); RecordCount = 7 (NOT 8!) and I am not able to access the individual records.

If I close the TERRITORY MANAGER and requery, the dataset is still EMPTY! (EOF and BOF are TRUE); But now RECORDCOUNT=8!!! But I am still not able to access the individual records.

Why does this happen? How can I access the Dataset again to get 8 records? Is this a bug?

Thanks and regards