Hi I am using MP2001 and am trying to write a bit of code that will find all pushpins within a selected area.

The problem I have is marked with a '<----------------
I cannot use my found pushpin location to run the QueryCircle...
I can only use long/lat cords. (Which seem not to tie up with my found pushpin either..)
Can someone please help?
Here is my code:

Private Sub Command0_Click()
Dim oApp As MapPoint.Application
Dim oMap As MapPoint.DataSet
Dim oRS As MapPoint.Recordset
Dim oLoc As MapPoint.Location
Dim oField As MapPoint.Field
Dim FindLoc(1 To 1) As Object
Set oApp = CreateObject("MapPoint.Application")
Set oMap = oApp.OpenMap("C:\test.ptm").DataSets("Contacts")
Set FindLoc(1) = oApp.ActiveMap.FindPushpin(Company) 'Finds pushpin from current selected contact.
FindLoc(1).BalloonState = 1
If Not FindLoc(1) Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "Found: " & FindLoc(1).Name
Set oLoc = oApp.ActiveMap.GetLocation(51.74619, 0.3337) '<---------------
'Set oLoc = oApp.ActiveMap.GetLocation(FindLoc(1)) '<----------------

Set oRS = oMap.QueryCircle(oLoc, 20)
Dim temp As String
temp = "Locations within 20 Miles of " & Company & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
Do Until oRS.EOF

'oRS.Pushpin.BalloonState = 1
temp = temp & oRS.Pushpin.Name & vbCrLf
oRS.Pushpin.Highlight = True
MsgBox temp
Box1.Action = acOLEPaste
MsgBox "Error: Could not find " & Company
End If

Set oMap = Nothing
Set oApp = Nothing
Set oLoc = Nothing
Set oPin = Nothing
End Sub