Businesses using TourSolver fleet route planning and optimization software save up to 40% on their total logistics costs.
Magellan Ingénierie launches a new version of TourSolver 3 for Microsoft MapPoint.

(Grenoble, November 25, 2005)
In the present era of never-ending fuel price increases and low economic growth, TourSolver can seriously logistics cost by reducing mileage, planning time, and the number of vehicles needed for delivery or customer visits.

While the most economical route is the shortest between two points, businesses have to schedule taking customer availability, quantities ordered, frequency of visits and more into account. Trying to create economical routes while meeting all of these constraints can be extremely time consuming and nerve wracking.

With an array of new constraints in version 3, TourSolver manages over 60 total for handling even the most complex scheduling problems. New constraints include: enhanced management of delivery days and time slots, frequency of visits, distinct places of departure and arrival, variable mileage costs, new legal constraints, and speed weighting. In a few clicks, TourSolver calculates cost-effective routes for an entire fleet, taking all the variables into account.

TourSolver: an accessible solution that pays for itself
Introduced in 2001, TourSolver quickly established a reputation as an affordable, simple solution to complex routing problems. The latest version makes TourSolver even more accessible and in more ways than one. At less than $4,000 for a 10 vehicle fleet license makes it much more affordable than rival products which start in the tens of thousands.

Benoît Quévy, CEO, Magellan Ingénierie comments onease of use and return on investment: "If you can use Microsoft Excel, you can use TourSolver," says Quévy, “by reducing mileage, planning time and even unnecessary vehicles, our customers quickly recoup their investment and put the savings right back at the bottom line.”

Companies worldwide have come to rely on TourSolver for improving their fleet operations and cutting costs. Recently, La Normande, a subsidiary of Sodexho, the world’s leading foodservice provider reduced its fleet from 30 to 25 vehicles. In concrete terms, this reduction saves more than $84,000 on rental contracts and over $52,000 on fuel costs compared to the previous year. "Since TourSolver handles the customer mandated delivery-time slots, the quality of customer service has considerably improved, in addition to all the money we are saving ", explained M. Foutrel, who managed the implementation.

TourSolver version 3 requires Microsoft MapPoint 2004, Windows XP and 1 Gb RAM is recommended. An evaluation version is available for downloading on Magellan’s website:

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Magellan Ingénierie empowers companies to leverage road network data for route optimization, location intelligence and geo-marketing applications. Magellan Ingénierie’s software calculates access times, distances, costs, generates directions and optimizes vehicle routes, while taking the means of transport and the road attributes into account. Business to Business, Business to Customer, commercial fleet management, transport and geo-marketing professionals worldwide rely on Magellan Ingénierie’s technology. The range of products is available either as "turnkey" solutions (TourSolver, ChronoMap), or programming components (TourSolver Developer Kit, ChronoMap Developer Kit, ChronoX Routing Engine, ChronoX TourSolver and ChronoJ). TourSolver software is available as an add-on for either Microsoft MapPoint or for MapInfo Professional.

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