I need to have Excel run MapPoint as an ActiveX control that I package & deploy with my Excel solution using VBA and VSTO. Here are my specific questions to which I could not find any answers so far:

(1) I need a sample Excel/VBA with a MapPoint ActiveX Control that simply takes an street address entered in Excel and displays its location map with a click of a button on the Excel spreadsheet.

(2) For the above solution, how would you deploy the Excel/VBA Solution with its MapPoint dependencies in Office 2003 ? The reason I am asking about Office 2003 in particular is because the Packaging Wizard for Office XP, no longer exists in Office 2003 for Excel. Do I need to revert back to Office XP to deploy an Excel/VBA solution using MapPoint's ActiveX Control ?

(3) I need a sample VSTO .Net Solution for (1) above using the Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO), i.e., a sample VSTO Solution for Excel that uses and deploys MapPoint as an ActiveX Control controlled from Excel ?

I would really appreciate if you can send me sample solutions, rather than partial code snippets.

I know the above requires VAR licensing of MapPoint to package & deploy with Excel as mentioned on MSDN:


Please note that:

(a) I am NOT referring to MapPoint's web services.
(b) I cannot assume my users have MapPoint installed on their computers (and hence the need to package & deploy MapPoint's ActiveX Controls)
(c) I am not referring to exporting data fom MapPoint to Excel. I need Excel to drive MapPoint, not the other way around.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Aladdin Nassar