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    Extracting the route sequence

    I have created a route of 20 stops - each stop is a customer with its account number. How can I extract the route sequence that MapPoint creates (which customer is what stop number)?

    Thanks. Ivan
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    Unfortunately, I cannot help you but I have a...

    Unfortunately, I cannot help you but I have a question for you. How do you draw the zones - do you use the freeform tool? If so how do you make it so that two neighboring zones share only one...
  3. Replies

    routing - not "milking" a location

    I have several customers at a location (same lats/longs) - when I create a route and optimize the stops (using shortest distance) a strange problem occurs. The customers that share the same location...
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    to Eric

    I am drawing territories over the census tracks. I have a data set imported with all my customers. I combine a few tracks into one territory - now I want to do the what seems like the simple thing of...
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    repost - terretories info export

    I will repost a message that was posted a while back but nobody answered. I am having the same issue and looking for maybe a custom way of solving it. thanks.

    <I need a little help in designing...
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