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  1. Replies

    Diet considerations for acute glaucoma

    1, if the patient's blood sugar can be used for honey, melon, luffa, because these foods have a diuretic effect can accelerate the ocular absorption of aqueous, decreases aqueous production, to...
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    How to apply makeup for your face

    1. Moisturize your skin - To create a nice base for your makeup, your skin must be smooth and moisturized.

    2. Apply primer - You can use one of the great and highly recommended primers from...
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    Do not admire the makeup of the actress

    But also envy the US actress in the eye makeup it? The following teach you how to draw eye shadow look good, easy to help you create a luxurious European and American metal eye makeup.Meet Matt(e)...
  4. Replies

    Swimming Chest Protector works

    Direct push breasts: first with right hand Palm on the left upper part of the breast, that is, below the clavicle, even gently push straight down to the breast root, then up along the original route...
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    How to eliminate fine eye lines

    With the eye excessive can cause eye fine lines, we can heat and cold double apply the method to solve this problem.At night after cleansing, use warm towel, apply is in the eye of about 3 to 5...
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    Four steps to have the perfect lips

    1) Go Easy on the Concealer
    Be sure to pick the right concealer to match your skin tone where just the right subtle amount will conceal those fine lines and creases revealing a much more youthful...
  7. Replies

    Do push-ups can breast enhancement

    Yes,it is.To disrelish oneself chest is not big enough, or not good shape, push-ups can activate your deep pectoralis major, to a certain extent.Gym equipment to practice chest push-ups collocation,...
  8. Replies

    How to draw eyes of Chinese women

    Suddenly many of China's next top model is not a double eyelid, eye makeup so radiant, electric power is infinite. Why? Draw eye makeup can make up for the shortage of single eyelids or inner double...
  9. Replies

    Put double eyelids can be eye size

    Double eyelid tapes not just to create a double eyelid techniques have now advanced to a micro-integer stage, size of the eye, eyelid relaxation resulting in double eyelid's predicament, all saved!...
  10. Replies

    How to do abdominal breathing

    Change the breathing mode: the beginning of the morning and evening to spend 30 minutes in the abdominal breathing inspiratory when the stomach has a sense of protruding, exhale when the stomach has...
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    Some steps to draw a beautiful eye makeup

    Sorching summer, a fresh and beautiful beautiful eye makeup can let a person shine at the moment, still can make the whole people are full of youthful vitality!Then recommend such a blue eye makeup...
  12. Characteristics and eyelash transplantation methods

    According to the density you need transplants eyelashes. A cone-shaped natural Eyelash yarn, soft, and transplanting eyelashes in a cylindrical!

    According to the density you need transplants...
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    Good lipstick for women

    Good lipstick for women to create a very different charm, especially those colors will be more purely will be more comfortable to use, not only make the psychological sense of comfort, leaving their...
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    just need three steps to makeup

    Thick and long eyelashes for eyes adds a lot of glorious, now a lot of young girls to daily daub eyelash to cream to make eyelash thick, but mascara makeup every day, very troublesome.And more people...
  15. Replies

    Grafting eyelash can wear contact lenses

    Grafting before grafting is the need to please the customer to remove contact lenses.Contact lenses can be roughly divided into rigid contact lenses and soft contact lenses.careprost buy has reached...
  16. Dark circles so that women lose their charisma

    The emergence of dark circles is very easy to see people, there are more than one reason for dark circles, and their own constitution or long-term lack of good sleep rest and so have a great...
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    The mask can also be soaked in beer

    Sisters can take a little beer every day, in the corner of the crow's feet more serious parts of the gentle massage, so that the skin can become more smooth and delicate. But also can effectively...
  18. Replies

    Eye makeup is the primary step in makeup

    For the makeup of the entry-level believe that you will feel the eye makeup is difficult, but the editor should be responsible to tell you the fact that high light repair capacity and blush is the...
  19. Replies

    How to draw a perfect lip style

    1 to overcome the trouble of thin lips
    Lipstick with the same color as lipstick, to draw the ideal lip, and then coated with lipstick with lip gloss on it.

    2. To overcome the troubles about...
  20. Replies

    A good eyebrow can shape both eyes

    A good eyebrow can shape both eyes, but also modified face, so draw a good eyebrow for the beauty of a woman can be said to have a pivotal role. So, how to draw eyebrows?

    Long face: natural...
  21. Replies

    How to have an enviable lips look

    Lips makeup is the highlight of Valentine's Day, moisture will make people eager to kiss a pro-Ze.

    1. No lips - simple lip gloss is the most suitable summer dating, and perhaps a powdery lip...
  22. How to use eye shadow to create the perfect eye makeup effect

    Although many Chinese viewers face freckles, single eyelid girls is not beautiful, but "Charlie's Angels" Liu Yuling is the most popular Chinese actress in Hollywood. A pair of slender Dan Fengyan...
  23. three steps to make your eyelash growth long

    STEP1 eye:1, use the white first hit the upper eyelid.2, and then use the silver coated in the eyes fold;3, followed by dark gray to strengthen the eye socket and eye tail, the first draw on the...
  24. Replies

    The six steps have a simple makeup look

    1. eyebrows: brown eye shadow as eyebrow sweep out of the soft eyebrow, to draw uniform, shades appropriate.

    2. Eyeliner: eyeliner with black eyelashes along the roots of the draw on the...
  25. Replies

    How to have a sweet makeup for dating

    Seems to be echoing the leisure atmosphere in early spring, 2006 spring makeup filled with an elegant, lazy and sweet with a sense of innocence, crystal water tender and full of lively dynamic lips,...
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