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  1. Re: Faster was to store MapPoint Recordset to SQL Server ?

    To Wilfried:

    Yes, it is that I'm cycling through each result returned from my query, firing off an UPDATE transaction PER recordset tuple/row item.

    That's what I mainly was looking for - some...
  2. Faster was to store MapPoint Recordset to SQL Server ?

    Following a .QueryPolygon method call I populate a MapPoint Recordset.

    To persist this data into SQL server, I find myself iterating through many SQL UPDATE transactions.

    I am using SQL Server...
  3. Mappoint Control .Printout method bypasses Print Dialog/setup - any way to ?

    Using MapPoint control .printout method - skips the print setup form that allows one to set page size, quality etc.

    Anyone know how to tell MapPoint to NOT just send it to default printer, but...
  4. Set Dataset pushpin before calling ImportData

    Hello peoples,

    I am using VB6 and MP 2k6

    When I assign my DataSet object - such as

    Set oDS = MapPointControl1.ActiveMap.DataSets.ImportData(App.Path & etc ...

    the Default pushpin symbol...
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    Re: How to connect the dots?

    I was going to approach a solution - to see if it could easily be done -

    What are the columns headers you're bringing in for your CSV ? (hard to explain why I'm asking )

    Also ball park figure...
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    Shape Vertices slow on accessing large poly

    Hey there people - Using VB6 and MapPoint 2006 here.

    I made sure to search the forums first before asking on this one...

    I have a large polygon - large in the sense it has some 3000 + vertice...
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    Re: Add item to MapPoint right menu

    Thanks for insights Richard. That's up the alley of what I'd resort to with no other options - might work.

    I am about to post a question on add-in's that you might have further insights on...
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    Add item to MapPoint right menu

    While reading this article by Richard Marsden: "A Simple Add-in for MapPoint API Beginners"

    found here:

    A Simple Add-in for MapPoint API Beginners - MapPoint Articles - MP2K Magazine

  9. Spatial Data Improt source no longer in MS download - anyone know where it is ?

    I was looking for the code for the COM Spatial Data Import add-in for MP that allows shape files to come in.

    The runtime is there on MS, but perhaps because they ditched vb6 - the vb6 code is no...
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    Re: MS Access import and export

    you could go centroid on the zip polygon - then differentiate as two points on a sphere using lat/lon (formula is in many posts on this forum).

    Would be better to geocode the start and destination...
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    Re: QueryShape recordset returning empty

    Thankyou very much for your time you took with your insights WinWaed.

    For one, we'll be picking up your import tool - I'm glad someone took the time to MASTER that task - I found the process...
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    Re: Is there a viewer for MapPoint?

    Unlike ARCView for ESRI etc.

    They will need MapPoint installed.

    OR - providing someone reaches such a third party product not yet available.


    Not to my knowledge at least (which is...
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    QueryShape or QueryPolygon NOT IN

    I can do this via SQL

    but can MP perform a NOT in shape or NOT in polygon ?

    I've looked through the OM - I SWEAR I recall seeing this before.

    any insights anyone ?

    ESRI Map Objects had...
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    Re: QueryShape recordset returning empty

    Well, I'm no Euclid.

    But I DID observe I specified GeoAutoShapeType.geoShapeRadius


    in going to attempt a queryShape on an Oval I allow to be loaded, I observed, hey, my oval is a perfect...
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    Re: QueryShape recordset returning empty

    Just noticed.

    If I go over to MapPoint Instance...

    Until I actually 'move' the circle shape - and try Export to Excel manually, 'No data found'

    but once I move it, or nudge it, it exports...
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    Re: QueryShape recordset returning empty

    I know, it is strange.

    Odd, in debug mode, if I call .QueryShape on my shape object (circle here, and I do know I can do circle and rectangle by other means (trig/mathematics etc), but I will also...
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    Re: QueryShape recordset returning empty


    I notice if I go over to the instanced MapPoint application, and change the radius of my circle shape, even 1/10th of a mile, one pixel - go back to my app debug mode, set objrecords =...
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    QueryShape recordset returning empty

    Hello folks

    I am using MP 2k4 with VB6.

    I set objApp.visible = true to see what's going on.

    I create my dataset from SQL Server

    I then create my autoshape
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    Re: MapPoint demographic data sources?


    What sector are you in ? What kind of product / services are you seeking market research regarding the demographics you're seeking ?

    Tim Miltz
    Sr. level XVII Door wedge.
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    Re: Would Mappoint be useful to me?


    Just to remind you

    If Claritas doesn't provide you with geocode data ? street data to Lat Lon ?

    MapPoint can do this for you.

    The community behind MapPoint on these forums I find is...
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    Re: calling ImportData from C++

    I hate to say it, looks like a typo to me.

    But it might be your import file reference at end of your code:


    extra \ ?

    Tim Miltz
    Last Seen typing this line.
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    Re: Yet another runtime/full licensing question

    It's all lawyers and paper.

    So long as you cover the licensing 'per install' or per your licensing agreement, as there exist varying licensing now with MP2k4 Fleet licensing vs prior @near retail...
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    Re: Creating Shapes and finding point within

    I noticed you stated you want to draw the 'shapes' by 'street location'.

    This sounds like you might want a custom polygon, MapPoint has two basic categories for representing an area, ...
  24. Right Click Menu Mappoint Control - test for whether Close Curve has been selected

    Hey folks

    Using vb6 + mappointcontrol, mp2k 2004 (iirc)

    I let a user create a custom polygon, build it as they click...

    Now, if the user selects from the right click menu 'Close Curve'

  25. Re: Just wondering how MapPoint knows when a poly is closed.

    Hey there Mike,

    Ah, I see your point there.

    I was using the Mappoint object model in this case, so that I could

    Set oCurrentShapeFinal =...
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