I am using SelectionChange event to return postal district but its not working.

Private Sub MappointControl1_SelectionChange(ByVal pNewSelection As Object, ByVal pOldSelection As Object)
' this sets value DoubleClikPosition to currently selected pushpin
If Flag = 1 Then
DoubleClickPosition = "" 'Variable read by Clarion - clear it
If Not pNewSelection Is Nothing Then
If TypeOf pNewSelection Is Pushpin Then
DoubleClickPosition = pNewSelection.Name
End If
End If
End If
End Sub

its not returning nothing but i do see a list details appear on the map of all the information i require.

Using : Mappoint 2004

I have a territory map created using UK's district postal data.

My requirement is to return the distict postal code the user has clicked within the area the click occured.

The user has to be able to click within a given district area and return the district code.

No pushpins can be plotted due to the requirements.

Thanks in advance