I am getting a Server Busy Timeout dialog. I have read the following article:

which states that:

To avoid this problem, you can set the Visual Basic properties to higher values for the entire project or only for the MapPoint function that might take a longer amount of time. The following code sets the Visual Basic properties to 50 and 100 seconds:
App.OLERequestPendingTimeout = 10 * App.OLERequestPendingTimeout
App.OLEServerBusyTimeout = 10 * App.PLEServerBusyTimeout
The problem is that I am creating an ActiveX Control in VB 6.0 where the above operations are not valid in an ActiveX DLL or ActiveX Control project.
See http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/de...LDNOTINDLL.asp

Is there any alternative way to set the Ole Server timeout in Visual Basic 6.0 specifically in a ActiveX Control? Or Maybe a WinApi Call?

Any ideas appreciated...
Nikos Georgopoulos