hi everyone,

I have an idea and would like you opinion as to how I might make it work.

I am opening mappoint control to a fixed point I would like to be able to set the altitude so that the result would allow me to draw a rectangle to a scale of 1" =10 miles horizantally, the goal is to be able to print a full page map with my startpoint in the center of the page, then move the lattitude to a point 100 miles left or right and create ajoining rectangles (shapes) by naming each shape as a territory that can be used for accessing my pushpins in that territory.

The net result is the ability to

1. Identify and print each territtory as a map to the same scale
2. Be able to do the same in both longitude and latitude
3. Be able to paste the images together to create a contiuous map

Your Thoughts would be much appreciated