Okay, it’s been a long day, so let’s find today’s time waster to blow off some steam…ah, UMapper has a new Flash-based, Microsoft Virtual Earth game called “GeoDart.” The object? Click the aerial photo closest to location specified to identify where it is. The closer you are and the faster you respond, the more points you accumulate. Get a high score and you get bragging rights for the rest of the week. Enjoy, and apologize to your managers for me as productivity is about to go through the floor.


There are currently two versions of the game UMapper game:

  1. States

  2. Countries and Capitals

However, if you don’t like the current versions of the games, well, make your own! UMapper is providing the ability to make your own version of the game. Also, you can see what games other people have made as a part of the community. I like the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, because, well, there are only 7. I even made my own little game so you can see what conferences I’ll be at and when…aptly named, Where is CP, When? Play my game, then go make your own.


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