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03-24-2009, 10:48 AM
The RouteWriter product consists of two MapPoint add-ins in one: RouteWriter and RouteReader.

The original RouteWriter writes route waypoint data into Excel. Each waypoint is cross-correlated with pushpins, and the matching pushpin data is also written.

Although MapPoint has an "Export to Excel" option, this only works with the pushpins. MapPoint is not aware of the waypoints that were created from the pushpins, so the results appear out of order. RuteWriter solves this problem and also writes additional pushpin data.

RouteWriter is useful if you need an itinerary list of your stops (waypoints) will all information - eg. expected arrival time, name, coordinates, and other pushpin fields.

RouteWriter can also write rest stop data, and set the stop times for all waypoints at once.

RouteReader does the opposite. It creates a new MapPoint route from a set of pushpins in a pre-defined order. This order is specified by one of the pushpin data fields. For example you may have an itinerary in Excel and you need to create a MapPoint route from it. Add a column to your spreadsheet to specify the sequence number (stop 1, stop 2, etc). Import your data into MapPoint, and then use RouteReader to create a route from the pushpins in the sequence number order.

RouteReader can also select a sub-group of pushpins from a pushpin set - eg. if your pushpin set contains multiple routes or days.

Licenses for the combined product cost US$75 each. Discounts on 5+ are available.

See RouteWriter: Export Routes from Microsoft MapPoint (http://www.routewriter.com) for further details and a free trial download.