View Full Version : Change the symbol of the Pushpins in a DataSet.

12-12-2002, 09:29 AM
Can someone tell me how (if it's possible) to modify the pushpins' symbols of a dataset, while adding them to the map :?:
Infact in the FieldArray parameter of the ImportData Method, I cannot include somethink like GeoFieldType.geofieldsymbol for the coloumn that identify the symbol used, so that when I call the ImportData, all its pushpin are put on the map with the same symbol.
Thank in advance for your answer!!!

John Meyer
12-15-2002, 08:36 PM
Maybe not an exact answer to you question but hope it helps...

objDataSet.Symbol = 1

You can set the symbol for a dataset (see above) but I dont think it changes pushpins already on the map. The following code could be used to change the symbol for pushpins already on the map.

Dim objDataSet As MapPointCtl.DataSet
Dim objmap As MapPointCtl.Map
Dim objRecordset As MapPointCtl.Recordset
symbolNumber = 1
Set objmap = MappointControl1.ActiveMap

For Each objDataSet In objmap.DataSets
If objDataSet.Name = "My Pushpins" Then
Set objRecordset = objDataSet.QueryAllRecords
Do Until objRecordset.EOF
objRecordset.Pushpin.Symbol = symbolNumber
End If