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05-15-2009, 03:29 PM

I am new to mapping, and have just downloaded MapPoint 2009. Would anyone in the know tell me how well MapPoint can handle the following:

I need to plot teachers in a Canadian Province both by Region (there are 8 regions in total), and qualifications (All instructors are N, and then they can also, but are not required to, have any other combination of H, R, W,.

So, a teacher can be just N, or N and R, or N,R and W...etc. with a pushpin colour coded to match their qualifications) I am not worried about the regions, I would just map those boundaries as "sales territories", and then plot the teachers based on their address and qualifications.

This information resides in an MS Office Access 2007 db. I have all the addresses geocoded into lat. and long. If a teacher holds one of the qualifications, there is a Boolean Yes in that teachers qualification field.

I can get the teachers plotted in MapPoint, and their qualifications do get listed with the pushpin...but HOW do you get the pushpin to change colour/pattern to match a qualification set?

Just to clarify further, a teacher in Region 1 with the qualifications N,H,R and W, will have the same colour/pattern pushpin as a teacher in Region 4. I will allow the Territory boundary to be the difference between the instructors.

I also need to print large poster/wall prints of the maps, and I see some people have posted free utilities to do so...although i cannot imagine why this was left out of MapPoint in the first place?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Especially any advice using a MapPoint Com add-in for Access...

Best regards,