View Full Version : Importing Canadian postal codes createing pushpins

06-08-2009, 04:08 PM
Hi All

What I would like to do is read a csv file and re-populate the map with school sites see data example below. As well I would like the schools to show up as the little blue school house pushpin icon and I would like to locate the pin via the "Postal Code" field below and associate all the data in the record with that pin. Does anyone have some C# examples doing this in winforms?

here is the sample data
SchoolName,Postal Code,SchoolPrincipal,SchoolPhone,Contact_Email,Sch ool_Sasked_Number,Area,School_Code,School_Type,Fee d_To_High_School
school1,A0A 0A0,Mrs. Carol test1,(306) 555-1050,test1@sd.sk.ca,0001,SE,tst1,1,tesths1
school2,A0A 0A1,Mr. Dennis test2,(306) 555-2593,test1@sd.sk.ca,0002,SE,tst2,1,tesths2
school3,A0A0A2 ,Julian test3,(306) 555-3612,test3@sd.sk.ca,0003,NE,tst3,1,tesths3