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06-17-2009, 09:46 AM
In the News

REconomy.com Launches Property Research Tools With Virtual Earth
On May 1, REconomy.com released an application with integrated parcel data and comprehensive property research tools on Microsoft Virtual Earth, now known as Bing Maps for Enterprise. The application serves the needs of the real estate industry, specifically brokers, agents, management companies, development companies and many others. Registered users of the application will find map-based listings that include comprehensive information for properties directly on the map. More information is available at Bing Community (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2009/05/11/reonomy-s-innovative-launch-with-virtual-earth.aspx).

IDV Solutions Releases Visual Fusion 4.0 Using Virtual Earth
On May 5, IDV Solutions released a comprehensive visual platform for enterprise called Visual Fusion 4.0 (VF4). Customers can now connect to data sources in the enterprise or Web, visualize information, customize details for each business application, help secure the application, and more. Visual Fusion is integrated with Virtual Earth, now known as Bing Maps for Enterprise, so it has capabilities for Microsoft Silverlight, in addition to road, aerial and hybrid map styles. More information is available at Bing Community (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2009/05/12/idv-solutions-releases-visual-fusion-4-0-and-it-is-awesome.aspx).

MSN City Guides Updates With Virtual Earth
On May 8, the MSN team launched the newest version of MSN City Guides, which now has Microsoft Virtual Earth, now known as Bing Maps for Enterprise. People can set a default location, find local listings in reference to a default or another city, receive additional information for a local listing directly on the map, and get suggestions of other potentially appealing local listings. More information is available at Bing Community (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2009/05/11/msn-city-guides-re-launches-and-leverages-virtual-earth.aspx).

Virtual Earth Stars at EU Election Rally
On May 10, Microsoft Virtual Earth, now known as Bing Maps for Enterprise, took center stage at a European Union elections rally in Berlin that included both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the audience. As part of the event, a competition was held to reward the attendee who had travelled the farthest to be there. As nominees from the audience stated where they were from, an application developed by Microsoft Corp. partner Borchert GeoInfo (BGI) combining Virtual Earth, Silverlight and Windows Azure was used to immediately plot their journey on a map and project it onto the screens of the Sony Centre in Berlin, where the event was being held. More information is available at Borchert GeoInfo: Bing Maps (http://www.borchert-geo.de/software/virtual-earth.html).

OnStar Announces Enhanced Emergency Response With Virtual Earth
On May 13, OnStar announced that it will integrate Microsoft Virtual Earth, now known as Bing Maps for Enterprise, into its emergency response system, enabling OnStar dispatchers to better serve subscribers. Dispatchers gain comprehensive information on maps that allow them to identify a subscriber’s location in the event of an emergency. More information is available at Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog : OnStar Enhances Emergency Response with Microsoft Virtual Earth (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2009/05/13/onstar-enhances-emergency-response-with-microsoft-virtual-earth.aspx).

PHS Washrooms Improves Fleet Driving Safety With Virtual Earth Technology
On May 18, PHS Washrooms, part of the PHS Group plc, implemented a cutting-edge satellite vehicle-tracking system running on Microsoft Virtual Earth, now known as Bing Maps for Enterprise, to support its Safe Driving Campaign. The system, designed by Masternaut Three X, allows the fleet management team to track any of the organization’s 700 vehicles in real time and observe its current speed on a graphical view. The system can also alert the management team and the driver whenever the current speed limit is broken, therefore encouraging substantial improvements in driving style throughout the fleet. More information is available at PHS drivers clean up with Masternaut Three X | News - Masternaut Three X (http://www.masternaut.co.uk/press-release.aspx?id=197).

hubermedia Launches Internet Portal Powered by Virtual Earth
Planning a weekend trip is now easier and more attractive than ever before in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. On May 21, the tourism authority of Upper Austria launched its new interactive Internet portal, Ausflugsziele in Oberösterreich (http://www.ausflugstipps.at), powered by Microsoft Virtual Earth, now known as Bing Maps for Enterprise. The new portal provides information on more than 850 destinations and locations in Upper Austria. It enables tourists and residents to easily search for attractive places for their trip and get comprehensive information online before they head out. Additional detailed maps delivered by Multimap, trail maps delivered by Kompass and additional aerial images of Upper Austria complement Bing Maps for Enterprise-powered maps to give users in-depth information. On the new portal they can not only plan their trips but also leave comments and opinions in an online forum, upload their own pictures, or write a review about a destination they have visited to share their experience with other users. Microsoft has helped develop this exciting new solution together with its long-term customer hubermedia, based in Lam, Bavaria, in Germany. The portal can be found at Ausflugsziele in Oberösterreich (http://www.ausflugstipps.at).

HSA Claims Top Prize at ICT Excellence Awards for Application Based on Virtual Earth
On May 21, the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) took home the IT Professional of the Year honor at the prestigious ICT Excellence Awards for its GeoSmart application, built on Microsoft Virtual Earth, now known as Bing Maps for Enterprise, technology. GeoSmart is a Web-based application developed by Bizmaps and Version 1 that allows the HSA to capture virtually all interactions with employers, employees and members of the public. The geographical information system in GeoSmart supports auto addressing of locations through the An Post GeoDirectory Ltd. database and full map display of employer locations through Virtual Earth. The application supports 160 users via head office and eight regional offices. The IT Professional of the Year award is presented to the IT professional (individual or team) who can demonstrate outstanding management of information and communications technology in their enterprise. More information is available at ICT Excellence Awards | Awards (http://www.ictexcellenceawards.ie/awards.aspx?id=4&catname=ITPro).

Virtual Earth Forms Cornerstone of Pioneering U.K. Transport Scheme
Microsoft Virtual Earth, now known as Bing Maps for Enterprise, is at the center of a new multimillion-pound project currently being trialed in Birmingham, U.K., which aims to address transport, tourism, security and climate change issues in the city. The Intelligent Transport System announced on May 27 uses Bing Maps for Enterprise technology for an online system that can analyze data on traffic congestion, parking spaces, and bus and train schedules in the city, and then relay information to local citizens via computer, mobile phone or GPS. Developed by Virtual Earth, now Bing Maps for Enterprise, developer Shoothill in conjunction with a consortium including Birmingham Science City partnership and Coventry University Enterprises Ltd., the project aims to speed up travel times for drivers, pedestrians and public transport users and reduce environmental impact throughout the city. More information on the project is available at Intelligent City (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/dd796334.aspx) and the proof of concept video developed by Microsoft and Shoothill is available at UK ISV Developer Evangelism Team : A look behind the Microsoft and Shoothill ?Intelligent City? Proof of Concept project (http://blogs.msdn.com/ukisvdev/archive/2009/05/08/a-look-behind-the-microsoft-and-shoothill-intelligent-city-proof-of-concept-project.aspx).

Recent Updates — Microsoft Virtual Earth and Live Search Maps

May 2009 Bing Maps for Enterprise Imagery Release
The Bing Maps for Enterprise team announced the May 2009 imagery release, which can now be viewed using the brand new Bing Maps World Tour application. Nearly every month, Microsoft adds terabytes of new content to Bing Maps for Enterprise, bringing new locations to life and reinvigorating pre-existing areas with fresh, high-resolution imagery. Now, thanks to Silverlight and Windows Azure technology, visitors can sit back and relax while the Bing Maps World Tour application provides a guided tour of everything that’s new. Alternatively, people can explore for themselves at their own pace, stopping off at any locations they please. The application can be viewed at the Bing Maps for Enterprise home page (http://www.microsoft.com/maps) or Bing Maps World Tour (http://bingmapsupdates.cloudapp.net). More information is available at Bing Community (http://www.bing.com/community/blogs/maps/archive/2009/06/05/bing-maps-imagery-release-may-2009-introducing-bing-maps-world-tour.aspx).

Photosynth Becomes Commercially Available
On May 7, the Microsoft Virtual Earth team, now known as Bing Maps for Enterprise, announced the commercial availability of Microsoft Photosynth through the integration of Photosynth into the Virtual Earth platform. With the new release, customers can produce synths in Silverlight, highlight certain photographs over others within one synth, use easier navigation and make synths unindexed in search engines. More information is available at Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog : Photosynth Goes Commercial with New Features (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2009/05/07/photosynth-goes-commercial-with-new-features.aspx).

Virtual Earth Announces Content Delivery Network Rollout
On May 20, the Microsoft Virtual Earth team, now know as Bing Maps for Enterprise, announced it will roll out the content delivery network, which is part of the Microsoft Edge Computing Network. This means that the Virtual Earth map tiles and AJAX control are deployed to geographically dispersed datacenters that allow people to get both from the datacenter closest to them. More information is available at Bing Community (http://www.bing.com/community/blogs/maps/archive/2009/05/20/virtual-earth-on-the-edge-computing-network.aspx).

Virtual Earth Rebrands as Bing Maps for Enterprise
On May 28, the Virtual Earth team announced that the enterprise mapping platform has been rebranded to Bing Maps for Enterprise. At the same time, Live Search Maps has been rebranded to Bing Maps, while MapPoint Web Service will remain the same. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made the announcement on stage at the D Conference in San Diego, as Microsoft Live Search has been rebranded to Bing. The rebranding was fully deployed by June 3. More information is available at Bing Community (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2009/05/28/rebranding-microsoft-virtual-earth-to.aspx).