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08-23-2009, 01:55 PM
Winwaed Software Technology LLC is a software development and consulting company owned and operated by Richard Marsden. We undertake a wide range of work, but specialize in mapping solutions - especially those that include Microsoft MapPoint. Richard Marsden is a current Microsoft "MVP" awardee.

We operate a number of web sites, including http://www.mapping-tools.com which sells Tools and Add-ins for Microsoft MapPoint. Most of these tools were written by ourselves, although we are also resellers for a couple of other products. Our tools include:

MileCharter (http://www.milecharter.com) - Batch calculation of mileage tables, including reports like "find the 3 closest sales locations to each customer that are also within 50 miles"
MPMileage (http://www.mpmileage.com) - Batch calculation of mileages and travel times, but using a list of point-to-point routes in a database
RouteWriter (http://www.routewriter.com) - Import/export route waypoints and associated pushpin data, whilst maintaining the route order
MPSuperShape (http://www.mpsupershape.com) - Shape manipulation tool: intersections, overlaps, boundaries, import/export, etc

In addition to MapPoint projects, we perform much of the development of the Gistix Toolkit (http://www.gistix.com), and operate the GeoWeb Guru (http://www.geowebguru.com) website. This latter website is a community website for online mapping subjects and is aimed at all levels from beginner to expert.

We are also involved in the technical (web, GPS, mapping, volcanology, photography) aspects of the EcoMap Costa Rica Project (http://www.ecomapcostarica.com).