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GlobeXplorer LLC
10-01-2009, 02:36 PM
GlobeXplorer LLC
Phone: (925) 280-8765
Web: DigitalGlobe | An Imagery and Information Company (http://www.globexplorer.com)
Email: rshanks@globexplorer.com

GlobeXplorer's ImageConnect is a unique mapping application extension that can instantly retrieve satellite and aerial photos into a user's web application, desktop, or mobile device from GlobeXplorer's online aerial image database. ImageConnect takes away the time, cost and hassle of locating an image provider, waiting for delivery, and managing large image files. Using ImageConnect, and its core programming toolkit, ImageBuilder, MapPoint.NET developers and users can connect directly to GlobeXplorer's global online imagery server and pull aerial photos directly into their online project. Developing dynamic web applications that include aerial and satellite imagery has never been easier.