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IDV Solutions
10-01-2009, 02:38 PM
IDV Solutions
Phone: (517) 627-0006, x204
Web: IDV Solutions - Home (http://www.idvsolutions.com)
Email: mark.morrison@idvsolutions.com

IDV Solutions provides location intelligence and visualization solutions, and is focused on improving enterprise return on investment through location technologies. Believing that enterprises are forfeiting hidden value by not utilizing the location component of their data sets, IDV Solutions was formed to address this need. IDV Solutions provides strategically-deployed services, MapPoint Web Service and Location Server technology, and focused implementations to enhance business processes throughout the enterprise. Their solutions portfolio includes decision support and executive information systems, enterprise information portals, resource locators and targeted industry solutions. The IDV Solutions Enterprise Feature Server (EFS) is a Microsoft certified .NET component for delivering business data as intelligent Flash features overlaid on MapPoint Web Service mapping. EFS provides services and tools, such as thematic mapping and dynamic map projection, that seamlessly integrate enterprise information with powerful mapping.