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Penchant Software
10-01-2009, 03:46 PM
Penchant Software, Incorporated
Phone: (877) 736-2426
Web: Courier software, delivery software, and dispatch software by Penchant (http://www.penchant.com)
Email: sales@penchant.com

MapPoint is seamlessly integrated into our dispatchOffice platform. A user can plot individual jobs showing both the pickup and delivery points or plot an entire ground route, providing stop by stop instructions. All jobs from a specific hub or warehouse location can be plotted as well. A map can be shown of a specific mobile worker with all of their stop or job locations. Additionally, a user can map the current locations of all mobile workers using real time GPS location updates. Lastly, there is the ability to "playback" the history of a mobile worker showing where they were over a selected period of time.