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10-09-2009, 04:37 AM
As per the title. I have a requirements to plot 5,000 world wide locations on an off line (no internet access, ever) map and to zoom to the level of coastlines, town, country borders, major roads and air and rail links.

In the age of Google Earth and Bing Maps the offline user is seemingly a very poor relation!

10-09-2009, 07:51 AM
I beg to differ - you can do so much more with a desktop application!

MapPoint does have global coverage of coastlines and large cities, but only has decent coverage of North America or Europe (according to the geographic edition).

Also there are literally dozens of desktop GIS applications and mapping applications. The GIS end of the market (rather than simple map viewer) is far more sophisticated than anything Google Maps can supply for the foreseeable future.


10-09-2009, 07:57 AM
I beg to differ - you can do so much more with a desktop application!


To re-phrase, "within the budget I have". Which of course is bugger all. Maybe a few thousand dollars for the right package that would allow us to plot 5,000 points, zoom, label, and as I said show layers of roads, rail, and importantly coastlines and water features on a few thousand desktop installs on an up-coming .Net app.

edit - perhaps I have been using the wrong search phrases but SERPs tend to be dominated Google Earth, Bing and perhaps ESRI

Any pointers you have on such providers would be most gratefully received!