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12-02-2009, 06:12 PM
Greetings all, I was very pleased to find a forum dedicated to mappoint users. I am hoping that someone has a great suggestion for me. I will try to be concise.

My group has a series of sites where physical items are transported...think of us as a miniature postal service. We follow a spoke and hub principle. (in a nutshell small sites transport items to a local hub and the local hubs will then transfer items in bulk between themselves and then distribute to the smaller regional sites).

So I have been working on validating that the regional sites are distributing to the correct hubs. So far I have used mappoint to graphically show all regional sites and the hub they are related to. I can then look for a site that has a different color pushpin then all of the sites surrounding it. The next step is I want to create a table that will list regional sites and their distance to the selected hubs. I have tried Mileage Charter and all though slow it seems to be doing the job.

The troubling step will be evaluating the routes, and here is where I am getting stuck...is there a way to import multiple routes and have mappoint calculate the total distance for the route and then export to an excel file? A regional site won't deliver straight to a hub it is actually part of a route and I need a way of calculating the distance of each stage of the route as well as the total distance.

I apologize that this was so long, but I am hoping that by understanding what I am doing I will get lots of good advice. Thank you in advance for any suggestions that you may have.


12-03-2009, 08:19 AM
It would be great if MileCharter was faster, but the speed constraint is MapPoint's own routing engine. (our MPMileage product can be notably faster but it works in a different manner - point-to-point rather than many-to-many).

MapPoint cannot display multiple routes at once.

You can define a route with multiple waypoints, which seems to be what you are getting at with the route that delivers to multiple hubs. But you've probably already tried this?
There should be a way of exporting the route itinerary, which would give the distances/times for each leg of the journey.