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frog pond
12-16-2009, 11:42 AM
Hi Guys. I am so new to this. My Garmin GPS device for geocaching hasn't even arrived yet...due this week.
It will come bundled with a map of Southern England.
Question: I hope to go to Crete soon, for a holiday, and want to do some geocaching there too. I am told that a garmin map of Crete will be 200. Crazy!! Is there a way I can geo cache without a map, or is there a cheap or free map I can use? Sorry, I am so ignorant on these issues. Thank you.:rolleyes6:

Marvin Hlavac
12-16-2009, 01:07 PM
There are many 3rd-party maps that are compatible with Garmin software and Garmin GPS devices. Chances are good that there are, perhaps even free, maps of Crete, available. Use your favorite search engine, and search for the following: free garmin crete map. You will most likely find it.

Good luck and enjoy you vacation.

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12-17-2009, 01:25 AM
Proprietary Garmin MapSource maps are about $100 per dvd.

Don't know what Garmin unit you are getting but if it has bluetooth you can link it to MapPoint or S&T on your pc.

From the Geocaching.com website you can choose a cache and directly download that cache into your garmin using a USB connection. Follow the arrow even if you don't have a "map".

There are hacks for non-proprietary maps you can load.

The tool you will shortly need the most is GSAK (gsak.net) to manage, filter and load the caches you wish to seek after learning the power of Geocaching.com Pocket Queries.


12-17-2009, 01:33 AM
I use MapPoint when choosing routes for challenge caches such as Counties, State, Fizzy, Difficulty/Terrain and smaller area compilation caches.
Dump all your PQs in MapPoint, or first filter just the diff/terr you need with GSAK, maybe set up County territories to more easily view boundaries and then choose the best route to a shorter or more enjoyable trip.

Still working on getting the grid drawing code to work correctly but it can be done manually as well.