View Full Version : Using Map Point while on the road.

03-30-2010, 08:40 PM
It seems that everybody that uses map point is an office person. I am a user that uses it everyday while on the road as a salesman.
There are some things I wish it would do pertaining to that.
1. Give an estimated eta time based on where you are when redirecting to a waypoint.
2. Stop showing the changes on a route for the mutest detail. i.e;. Traveling 200 miles on I 94. but the program usually shows 3 changes in route even though you are not leaving I94.
3. Show miles to the waypoint not just to the next road change.
There is more. I will post at another time.

Marvin Hlavac
03-31-2010, 06:52 AM
While MapPoint is used on desktop PCs in offices, there indeed are many users who do have it on their laptops in their cars. Some of us actually opt to use the less expensive Microsoft Streets & Trips, which is a sub set of MapPoint features.

If you are in sales, Keith ( http://www.mypointsales.com/ ) created online videos that show many tips and tricks on how traveling sales people can use Streets & Trips (or MapPoint) to better manage their sales territory.