View Full Version : Europe and US MAPS are combined in a single Framework

03-11-2003, 04:41 PM
It would be nice if Mappoint could integrate the Europe and the North Am maps into a single applications. This would allow one to seamlessly move from Europe MAP dataset to NA without requiring him to open the applications.

Microsoft could abstract the map and deisgn the applications such that the installation of the new mapset add to the extsting set of map data. Thus is future Microsoft could provide support for other regions that could seamlessly add to the map set that the user have without him needing to open different applications for different regions!!

I like Mpapoint!! As usual MS has done a great job looking into the usability and providing great API support for extensibility for geeks like us. Keep up the good work MS.

John Gomes
Senior Software Engineer

04-14-2003, 12:46 PM
I agree with John, MapPoint is a great application.

To be able to add the American maps to the European version would be a great feature. But as a first step in this direction I want to be able to at least view American maps!

When trying to learn from articles on this website (and we don't have anything like this in Europe), I can't even view the original MapPoint-map, only the little GIF-image in the article. Maybe some application like the PowerPoint-viewer, but for maps, could be made available by Microsoft?