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03-17-2003, 10:29 AM
March 17, 2003
Ottawa, Ontario -- Mobile GPS Online, a mobile GPS products and services firm located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, releases Laptop NavStar version 2.5.0. NavStar is an Advanced GPS Vehicle Navigation System based on Microsoft MapPoint® Technology. It integrates the powerful GPS navigation functions developed by Mobile GPS Online into Microsoft MapPoint 2002. With data on more than 4.8 million kilometers of roads and 325,000 different points of interest in MapPint Europe 2002 and more than 6.4 million miles of routable local, city, state and highway roads in the United States and Canada in MapPoint 2002, NavStar is an excellent travel navigation system and companion.

Since the first version of NavStar (Version 1.0.0) was released in September 2002, many supporters and users from different countries in North America and Europe have tested NavStar. With the users’ strong supports, Navstar has been updated more than 10 times. Now NavStar has significantly enhanced and improved its functionalities, performances and user interfaces in comparison to previous versions. With this new release NavStar has reached a new millstone and become a user trustable GPS Vehicle Navigation Product. To make sure NavStar’s real time navigation performance, Mobile GPS Online has also tested and certified RoyalTek’s Sapphire Pro GPS Receiver as a high quality, high performance and most cost effective GPS Receiver.

NavStar’s main features include:
--Route Planner – Users can plan their routes and save them into files before they go. When they are ready to go, they need only to load in the planned route map and press one button to start.
--Address Manager – Through the Address Manager users can manage their important customers’ addresses in an efficient way and create an optimal route from current location or a selected address to another selected address or several addresses conveniently.
--Navigation – NavStar’s advanced navigation screen will not only display next driving guidance with a real time updated driving distance to next turn point, but also speak out them and display a big direction symbol for current action.
--Status Update – The feature of automatic and manual trip status update will tell users current position, the distance to destination (DTD) and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) in a configurable time interval or just by pressing one button.
--Route Correction – When the user are off track a previously planned route for some reason, NavStar can recalculate a new route according to users’ current location by pressing only one button or mouse click. If the user wants to cancel next stop or waypoint to adjust the original route, it is also as easy as pressing one button.
--Voice Reminder of Directions – By setting a distance for voice reminder Navstar will remind users of next driving direction automatically once the distance is matched.
--Zoom in and Zoom out – Just pressing one button, users can change the map scale to the best view conveniently.
--And much more advanced and powerful features inherited from MapPoint® directly, such as locating an address on the map, finding points of interest and nearby places, printing out driving guidance and maps etc.

As John Stead, a NavStar user and reviewer from Ontario, Canada said, “The Laptop-Navstar is far superior than any other I have tried when it comes to "ease of use while traveling", Mobile GPS Online’s Laptop NavStar is the most feature rich, easy to use and cost effective navigation solution available in comparison to other Laptop based GPS vehicle navigation solutions.

About Mobile GPS Online
Mobile GPS Online is a mobile GPS products and services firm located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, specializing in system integration and application software development utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information System (GIS)/Microsoft MapPoint and Wireless Communication Technologies. Mobile GPS Online on the web at: http://www.mobilegpsonline.com/

05-01-2003, 07:35 PM
Mobile GPS Online releases NavStar Version 2.6.0. This new release has added two new features: fast track of a recorded route and scale for GPS receiver's speed calibration.

With the new release, Mobile GPS Online offers free download for a 7 days trial. Welcome all Mappoint users to give a try. The downloadable file size is about 21MB. More details at http://www.mobilegpsonline.com/products.htm

05-31-2003, 07:37 AM
For your summer holidays and vacations, Mobile GPS Online offers NavStar 30 day and 90 day version only at 10 and 20 dollars.

06-13-2003, 04:57 PM
June 12, 2003 -- Mobile GPS Online releases GPS NavStar version 2.7.0. This new release united the installation of North America version and Europe version by adding an on the fly switch interface. Now NavStar users can switch between the two versions conveniently. The issues and bugs reported since last release have been also addressed.

07-07-2003, 12:36 PM
June 27, 2003 -- Mobile GPS Online releases GPS NavStar version 2.8.0. This new release improved the vice alerts of driving guidance and can repeat several times at different distance to the turn point. More info at www.mobilegpsonline.com