View Full Version : MileCharter 2.11 released

06-21-2010, 02:37 PM
I have just released MileCharter v2.11, our popular mileage table computation tool.
Give MileCharter two groups of pushpins and it can calculated all route distances between the two sets of pushpins, with output to Microsoft Excel. It can also report travel times and estimated costs, as well as supporting all of MapPoint's routing options. The Professional license can also report the closest pins within a specific distance or travel time.

MileCharter 2.11 adds support for MapPoint's automated rest stops, in addition to the existing support for overnight stays.

Further details, including a free 14 day trial, can be found on the official MileCharter website, here:

MileCharter: Home Page (http://www.milecharter.com)