View Full Version : Is installing sp3 over sp2 now still a threat? has it got improved? is it now great? Please tell :)?

08-20-2010, 11:28 PM
Hi guys i have seen many forums and discussions about sp3 over sp2 and most of them said sp3 sucks and has many issues, bugs, etc. and sp2 is overall much better. But i noticed those threads and discussions were very old like 1-2 year old atleast.
I have a laptop which is very old and from zenith company. It has just 248 RAM and 1.60 GHz. I dont install applications or games on it but just use it roughly for download, work, etc. I have set all graphics off on it even no desktop wallpaper.. which makes it run better.. Its like 1 year almost it had sp3 and i didnt came btwn any issue (prolly cause i dont install apps, games, etc.) But i do updates daily. And there isnt a problem expect one which dosent lets me install windows media player 12 over 11, No its not pirated.
Now i m using a desktop which got 2 GB RAM internally but outside it shows 1.47 which means some is used by graphic card or something? And it runs at 2.80 GHz, Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU.
It has SP2 but it dosent runs so.. well. On that old laptop my online game which is "Dofus" runs very nice on it than this desktop. It maybe that dofus runs better on laptop? cause i ran it on other desktop too but it always ran better on laptops... no matter what speed of net.
So i m confused if Sp3 is