View Full Version : Zip Code Pairs, Mapping Positive and Negative Values

11-15-2010, 12:12 PM

I have been tasked at work to create a map showing positive and negative values by origin and destination zip code pairs.

For example:

From Origin Zip 60101
To Destination Zip 90210
Value = Positive (Green Line)

From Origin Zip 44140
To Destination Zip 30210
Value = Negative (Red Line)

Based upon the value I have in Column C, "Positive" or "Negative", I'd like to have lines going across the map from an origin point to a destination point with a red line for negative values, and a green line for positive values. Similar to an airline map with lines all across the map.

I only have 25 origin-destination pairs with origin zip in Column A, destination zip in column B, and either "Positive" or "Negative" in Column C of my Excel worksheet.

Any tips? I'm using MP 2004, but a colleague of mine does have MP 2010 should it be easier in that version.


Mattys Consulting
11-15-2010, 02:21 PM
There aren't any shortcuts to what you describe short of programming.
Your best bet with MapPoint 2004 is to place the positives on one sheet, negatives on another, and import them seperately as different colored pushpins.
You'll want to show all the names and then connect the appropriate dots.