View Full Version : Newbie help getting created maps to others

12-22-2010, 04:22 PM
Downloaded trial version of mappoint 2010 USA. Good shape creating maps from our excel data, but how do i share with others? Can't find a microsoft viewer like when we send a .ppt to a non powerpoint user. Right now have only figured out how to send a static screen shot. Need reciever to be able to see data that I must right click on to bring up. Can I post online to a private map? is there aftermarket add on software I need? Or is my only solution to purchase copies of the full the mappoint software for my salesman ( who wont be creating or manipulating the data they just need to view it.) Thx for the help KubotaKid 24

Eric Frost
12-22-2010, 05:54 PM
There's no simple solution. Static maps are the easiest way to approach this.

There is cheaper software from Microsoft called Street & Trips which might suit your needs, there is also a trial version, you should download and try it.

Everyone would still need S&T, but the cost is something like 1/5 the cost of MapPoint licenses.

Alternatively, you could export to a common GIS media format such as mif/mid or KML/GML and then try to import into another package such as Bing Maps, Google Maps/Earth, but this would be relatively complicated.

The main reason there's no "viewer" version of MapPoint (this is a common question), is that the data included with MapPoint is pretty expensive, so they couldn't just distribute a read-only version of MapPoint for free.

Hope this helps.