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07-27-2002, 08:10 AM
I am the author of the open source GEODESY code posted on mp2Kmag. If you downloaded the code and find it useful, I would be happy to put ypur name on my distribution list so that you will receive any future updates. Just e-mail me at vfraenc1@nycap.rr.com and I will add you to the list. Please put GEODESY somewhere in the subject line and mention that you would like to be added to the distribution list. The current version of the code is 0.92. I will send eric the latest updates as well in hopes he will post it. The code bundle is currently a 22.5kB zip file.


07-31-2002, 09:33 PM
Eric has pointed out that some might construe my comments in the original forum post as meaning that there is a later update to my Geodesy source code than is posted elsewhere on this site. This is NOT the case. Eric has the latest release. I just wanted to inform forum readers that downloaded the code from this site that if they wanted to be notified of newer versions they need only send me a request and I would put them on my distribution list so that they would be notified of updates.

Also, if you have questions you can e-mail me any time

Sorry for any confusion


Eric Frost
07-31-2002, 10:05 PM
Your Geodesy library is incredible and a great boon for MapPoint developers..

Sign up for Vic's distribution list by sending an e-mail to vfraenc1@nycap.rr.com?subject=Geodesy.