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Eric Frost
01-18-2011, 12:14 PM
I put this little test file together to see what is and isn't exported to GPX.

1. Pushpin added onto map using the add pushpin button in the toolbar
2. Pushpins imported from a text file and shown as a regular pushpin set
3. Pushpins imported from a text file and shown with the Multiple Symbols option
4. Line drawn on the map
5. Rectangle drawn on the map
6. Route

Here's a screenshot of the map, and you can also download it in the attachment below.



1. & 2. export, but not that for #2, only the pushpin name and dataset names are exported, not the data
3. does not export. This is a little surprising to me, as it shouldn't be any harder for MapPoint to export this than it does #2.
4. & 5. Don't export, not surprised, although it's probably possible to export the line. Not sure if there is an equivalent to a freeform polygon in GPS, but almost certainly not primitive shapes. I suppose it could export primitive shapes as points at their center.
6. DOES export routes. Not too surprised as GPX is a GPS format, often dealing with trails or routes.

Note that the Help file mentions that no Territory information is exported, so I didn't try.

Here's what the GPX (XML) code looks like:

<wpt lat="41.7189115636538" lon="-115.523620300683"><name>Nevado / Idaho State Line Point</name></wpt>
<wpt lat="31.9999997521163" lon="-91.9999980066738"><name>D</name><type>mpdata2</type></wpt>
<wpt lat="30.9999985859239" lon="-90.0000025044782"><name>C</name><type>mpdata2</type></wpt>
<wpt lat="31.9999997521163" lon="-89.0000013382858"><name>B</name><type>mpdata2</type></wpt>
<wpt lat="30.9999985859239" lon="-88.0000001720934"><name>A</name><type>mpdata2</type></wpt>
<rte><rtept lat="37.6869500800967" lon="-97.3355594370514"><name>Wichita</name></rtept>
<rtept lat="35.47198606655" lon="-97.5203617103398"><name>Oklahoma City</name></rtept>
<rtept lat="32.778134085238" lon="-96.7954144254327"><name>Dallas</name></rtept></rte>

Any insights or comments appreciated! Are there better or more comprehensive tools for exporting data from MapPoint (to GPX or any other format)?


01-19-2011, 09:46 AM
Well, our MPSuperShape product ( MPSuperShape: Home Page (http://www.mpsupershape.com) ) can import and export a number of formats. Data that can be exported includes shapes and pushpins, but not territories & non-pushpin datasets (both would require boundary definitions), routes (see RouteWriter: Export Routes from Microsoft MapPoint (http://www.routewriter.com) instead), and text boxes (which vary size according to zoom).

Supported output formats include ESRI Shapefiles (SHP), MapInfo (MIF), KML, and "html fragments" (for Bing Maps or Google Maps).

I did consider GPX but MapPoint 2010 was released about the same time, so it was deemed unnecessary.