View Full Version : Here is my 2011 MapPoint integration wish list

01-30-2011, 06:18 AM
In response to the Map Forum prompt for a first post here it is. I am a novice MapPoint 2010 user. However I am learning very quickly about what is not in MapPoint for Dummies and what I appear I can and cannot do.
I cannot connect My HTC HD2 smartphone and GPS software product Garmin XT. My smartphone software will not recognize GPX exported file.
I use Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise version and I have not identified how it is simply possible, because I want to, exporting a MapPoint planned route to a Microsoft Excel workbook.
I have not discovered how to import to Microsoft MapPoint 2010 a Microsoft Outlook 2007 contact that is a simple process performed on my smartphone and GPS software product
If anyone has any interest I am attempting getting the best out of MapPoint 2010.
My plan is to travel from Ferry Port St Malo France south to the Loire, east along the Loire River to Basel in Switzerland. The route continues north up the Rhine river to Holland and the Rotterdam Euro Port, Oh and I forgot to tell you this trip is on a bicycle and that would seem unfamiliar green territory for MapPoint 2010 that insists I must use motorways to get everywhere quickest by default
PS the above are my reasons for joining the Map Forum and any help here will be appreciated